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Fire-Rated Panels, Micro-Perforated Acoustics, Wood Fiber Acoustical Panels, Wood Grilles, Stone Veneers, Curved Elements, Custom Fabrications and more. Architectural interior elements create the design concept and compliment the space. Warm wood grilles, colorful acoustic panels and textured stone finishes produce the sight, sound and touch experience.


An expansive selection of great architectural interior design elements.

wood elements

Architectural interior wood products.
Grille, Linear, Open Cell, Weave, Groove & Bore. Fire-rated cores.

concrete and stone

Real Concrete and Stone surfaces. Veneers, Light Weight and Fire-Rated panels. For use in millwork as well.

acoustic systems

Wood Fiber, Micro-perforated acoustic elements, Fast install slat systems. Light weight fire protection panel systems.

acoustic fabric panels

Fabric panels to give any space proper acoustics. Integrated lighting, custom graphics and sizes. Various options.

ceiling tiles and coffers

Ceiling tiles and coffers to fit into existing or new ceiling grids systems. Easy install with GridLock Sytem™.

fire-rated panels

RiBoard® eco-sustainable, light weight, mineral-fiber core panel. Customization with finishes and acoustic properties.

acoustic reflectors

Diffusers, reflectors or canopies. Custom design elements for any acoustic specification.

natural acoustics

Natural lichen stabilized and requires no light or water. 100% zero maintenance.


Some of our standard and custom projects
Gensler was the architect for this sculptural ceiling design for Turelk, a Southern California-based contractor. The highlight of this remodeled atypical office space is a custom soft maple wood ceiling. This artistic sculptural ceiling design was created with great attention to detail to accent the uniqueness of the space. Gensler representatives have described the way the sculptural ceiling was assembled as “an expression of what great craftsmanship is all about.”


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Architectural Wood Elements
Wood Fiber Panels
Concrete, Stone and Wood Veener
Acoustic Fabric Panels

The best ceiling and wall solutions.
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