● Acoustics

Cardinal Acoustics

Add color and patterns along with noise reduction with the most effiecient and cost-effective wood fiber panels.

  • Custom Colors, Shapes and Milled Patterns
  • FSC Certified
  • Made in Ohio

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings


Madrid creates uniqe wood elements for walls and ceiling. Attractive and versatile designs compliment your décor and can also offer balanced acoustics.

  • Custom and Standard Elements
  • Extensive Available Finishes
  • Made in California

● Acoustics


The most trusted mineral fiber ceiling system in Europe since 1948 is now available in the US market. A true ISO-4 ceiling panel gives your environment the highest interior air quality.

  • Cut Panels Meet ISO-4 Qualification
  • Highest NRC Panel Available
  • 30 Year Warranty within any Grid System

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings ● Finishes


Innovative and unique solutions. Richter’s high quality materials are used in furniture design, wall applications, ceilings and many more applications.

  • Micro-Perforated Acoustic Panels
  • Micro-Concrete Veneers
  • Curved Acoustic Panels

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings ● Lighting


No more hassles with stretch ceilings or limited retail fixtures. Dresswall gives designers a simple yet breath-taking product.

  • Retail Advertising of Functional Lighting
  • Easy to Install
  • Highly Customizable

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings ● Lighting

Dresswall Stripes

Dresswall continues to evolve with Dresswall Stripes. An easy to install aluminum slat system with various profile shapes that can be varnished, anodized or veneered. Dresswall lighting can be integrated amongst the system allowing for a fluid design.

  • Integrated Lighting with Dresswall
  • Easy to Install
  • Cost Effective

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Moveable Partitions


Highly engineered and customizable. Anaunia manufactures exquisite moveable partitions to fit every environment with any finish you can imagine.

  • Exterior Cruise Ship Decks
  • Retail (Eataly, Chicago)
  • Light Weight Residential

● Acoustics ● Walls

Frezza - Demountable Walls

For more than 50 years, Frezza has created stunningly innovative products. A global presence under the flagship We Do group, Frezza demountable walls are now available through our US parnter: Transwall.

  • Single Glaze, Double Glaze, Panels
  • Up to 5/8″ Glass Thickness
  • High STC Value 



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