● Acoustics

Cardinal Acoustics

Add color and patterns along with noise reduction with the most effiecient and cost-effective wood fiber panels.

  • Custom Colors, Shapes and Milled Patterns
  • FSC Certified
  • Made in Ohio

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings


Madrid creates uniqe wood elements for walls and ceiling. Attractive and versatile designs compliment your décor and can also offer balanced acoustics.

  • Custom and Standard Elements
  • Extensive Available Finishes
  • Made in California

● Acoustics


The most trusted mineral fiber ceiling system in Europe since 1948 is now available in the US market. A true ISO-4 ceiling panel gives your environment the highest interior air quality.

  • Cut Panels Meet ISO-4 Qualification
  • Highest NRC Panel Available
  • 30 Year Warranty within any Grid System

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Ceilings ● Finishes


Innovative and unique solutions. Richter’s high quality materials are used in furniture design, wall applications, ceilings and many more applications.

  • Micro-Perforated Acoustic Panels
  • Micro-Concrete Veneers
  • Curved Acoustic Panels

● Acoustics ● Walls ● Moveable Partitions


Highly engineered and customizable. Anaunia manufactures exquisite moveable partitions to fit every environment with any finish you can imagine.

  • Exterior Cruise Ship Decks
  • Retail (Eataly, Chicago)
  • Light Weight Residential

● Acoustics ● Walls

Frezza - Demountable Walls

For more than 50 years, Frezza has created stunningly innovative products. A global presence under the flagship We Do group, Frezza demountable walls are now available through our US parnter: Transwall.

  • Single Glaze, Double Glaze, Panels
  • Up to 5/8″ Glass Thickness
  • High STC Value 



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